Saturday, 1 August 2020

Not Everyone Is Designed For Marriage, Especially These 5 Set Of People!!!

Marriage can be very fun, happy and rewarding but then could be complicated, and a lot of people would want to argue on religious basis that regardless of how complicated marriage can be, it is designed for everyone.

Even though every religious book preaches about marriage and procreation, however in our religious books there are certain personalities who obviously did not get marriaged nor procreated for numerous reasons.

Here are five (5) categories of people who are not designed for marriage.

1. Those Who Extremely Cherish Their Personal Space!

It is normal to cherish your personal space once in a while. However, there are some set of people who 'extremely' cherish their personal space.

If you find it very difficult to even share your personal space with someone or the opposite sex for more than a day that's an obvious sign you are not cut out for marriage.

Because in marriage there are no permanent personal-spaces, there could be temporal spaces but what happens when you begin to have kids?

2. Those Without Patience And Tolerance!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment therefore it requires a lot of patience and tolerance to scale through. Love and beauty is not all that is required in marriage but a high level of tolerance and patience.

3. Those Who Hate To Get Too Attached!

Kind of similar to number 1 but different. Some people find it difficult been romantically attached to a person for  too long. Yes they can share personal spaces, but this set of people get easily irritated and bored been in love for too long. To them love and relationship has an expiration date and they naturally get tired of a relationship after a while. I call them the 'Explorers'.

4. Those That Hate Babies!

Shocking as this my sound, there are people who hate babies and it's called Pedophobia.

Marriage is a no go area for you if you hate babies, unless you want to get married and then decide never to have babies, which is likely impossible.

5. The Extremely Violent!!

Been exteremely violent for a start makes having a steady relationship difficult, exhausting and tiring for you which in turn reflects into marriage.

Extremely violent people find it difficult staying married and you know why!!

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