Monday, 21 September 2020

Sadisu Sani Umar Appointed Senior Special Assistant To Taraba State Governor

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has approved the appointment of Sadisu Umar Sani, as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor.

This was contained in a letter issued by the Secretary To The State Government.

Responding to his appointment on his social media page, Hon. Sadisu thanked the governor for considering him worthy.

He said he was abreast with the governor’s vision and would work with him to achieve the desired objectives of his administration.

Friday, 21 August 2020

NSUK 400Level Student Dies Trying To Rescue Man Being Electrocuted!!

A final year student in the Department of Biology Education in Nasarawa State University, identified as Haruna Zaidu, has lost his life while trying to rescue a trader who was being electrocuted at the GSM market in Keffi, the state capital on Monday, August 17.

According to reports, a mobile phone repairer, Junaudu Shaibu was about to pick up his tools when he was electrocuted by a nearby high tension wire. Zaidu had tried to rescue Shaibu when he got electrocuted as well. 

He has since been buried according to Islamic injunctions. His family and friends have taken to social media to mourn his demise.

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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Not Everyone Is Designed For Marriage, Especially This 5 Set Of People!!!

Marriage can be very fun, happy and rewarding but then could be complicated, and a lot of people would want to argue on religious basis that regardless of how complicated marriage can be, it is designed for everyone.

Even though every religious book preaches about marriage and procreation, however in our religious books there are certain personalities who obviously did not get marriaged nor procreated for numerous reasons.

Here are five (5) categories of people who are not designed for marriage.

1. Those Who Extremely Cherish Their Personal Space!

It is normal to cherish your personal space once in a while. However, there are some set of people who 'extremely' cherish their personal space.

If you find it very difficult to even share your personal space with someone or the opposite sex for more than a day that's an obvious sign you are not cut out for marriage.

Because in marriage there are no permanent personal-spaces, there could be temporal spaces but what happens when you begin to have kids?

2. Those Without Patience And Tolerance!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment therefore it requires a lot of patience and tolerance to scale through. Love and beauty is not all that is required in marriage but a high level of tolerance and patience.

3. Those Who Hate To Get Too Attached!

Kind of similar to number 1 but different. Some people find it difficult been romantically attached to a person for  too long. Yes they can share personal spaces, but this set of people get easily irritated and bored been in love for too long. To them love and relationship has an expiration date and they naturally get tired of a relationship after a while. I call them the 'Explorers'.

4. Those That Hate Babies!

Shocking as this my sound, there are people who hate babies and it's called Pedophobia.

Marriage is a no go area for you if you hate babies, unless you want to get married and then decide never to have babies, which is likely impossible.

5. The Extremely Violent!!

Been exteremely violent for a start makes having a steady relationship difficult, exhausting and tiring for you which in turn reflects into marriage.

Extremely violent people find it difficult staying married and you know why!!

Monday, 20 April 2020

10 Simple But Effective Tips On How To Get Any Girl You Want

This tips has been immensely useful to my friends Sapilo, Jordy, David, Alex, Innocence, Dayo, Suleiman Abdullahi and it prompted me to share to my readers.

People often think having money is the only way to get any woman, that has been proven beyond reasonable doubts to be false, as even with all your money, fine face or six pacs, a woman could still cheat if she sees a man who catches her fancy.  You don't need to be super rich or have six pacs to get any girl in the world neither do you need to be super handsome to get that girl you have been secretly crushing on. 

Here are very simple but effectively tips on how to get any girl you want.

Note:  Excessive use of this tips could  make you successfully become a player.

1. Be Real:- No faking. No borrowing of clothes, car, phone or blinks to please her. Borrowing things would automatically lead you to borrowing more things to keep trying to impress her. Nobody likes that, not her and not even you.

2. Have Self Confidence:- Self confidence is one of the most important criteria a man needs to succeed in life and in the mission of getting the woman he wants. Confidence is like an aura, it envelopes the arena you are in. Be confident, cheerful and charismatic around her (don't wear a pale or sad face like someone begging for money or food around her). Every woman hates a man who isn't confident, they perceive such men as weaklings. 

However, do not mistake pride for self confidence. You don't have to be proud or boastful to show you are confident.

3. Be Knowledgeable:- Been knowledgeable isn't saying you should know how to speak volumeneous and grammatical words like Hon. Patrick or begin to twist your tongue trying to speak British English, nor am I saying you should know everything!

This is simple, just know something about most things. Know a little about politics, a little about entertainment, a little about fashion, a little about movies etc. Women fancy men who sound knowledgeable or intelligent. She automatically gets glued when you are chatting or talking to her cos she learns something everytime you talk.

4. Don't Be Readily Available:- You are always calling her phone six times a day, sending her messages four times a day and always asking when she would visit you or trying to visit her. Nah!!!! too much of that could be a real turn off and would make her despise you even more.

For a start one call a day is perfect. Don't be in a hurry to visit her or ask for a visit till the friendship is defined.

5. Less Compliments:- You don't have to compliment a woman ten times in a day about her beauty before she gets it. Remember! You are still trying to make her like you, don't make her become irritated by your frequent compliments.

Women naturally get irritated by incessant compliments from a toaster. One or two compliments once in a while is enough. 

6. Dress Well:- You mustn't dress like Wizkid or Davidoo or wear all Gucci like Hush puppy, but in your own little way dress well, neat and smart often. 

7. Always Smell Nice:- Always smell nice!!!! I repeat always smell nice!!! because you don't know when you might bump into the woman you are crushing on. Women love men who smell nice. Wear sweet colognes and have a good breath as often as possible. This doesn't require much expenses it's basic hygiene.

8. Become Unpredictable:- Don't be like the conventional guy or a "churchy" guy whose next action are easily predicted by even a blind person. Learn to become unpredictable.

By been unpredictable am not saying you should become awfully unpredictable and start acting weird or mysterious like an Herbalist, No! But be the kind of guy who she can't really tell his next move.

9. Be Witty But Don't Try To Be "Toooo Funny":-  This is one of the greatest mistakes men often make when trying to get noticed by their crush. Some men in a bid to win a woman's heart would resort to cracking  jokes and  always wanting to make her smile, that's nice though but been comic isn't for everyone just as comedy isn't for everybody. Trying to be too funny could make you sound really awful.

Crack the little joke you can and don't try to force it. If she's into you, your little jokes will crack her up.

10. When With Her Don't Make Yourself The Center Of The Discussion:- When you finally get the chance to be with her don't make yourself the center of the discussion. Making yourself the center of the discussion when with her would easily perceive you as been proud and egoistic. 

Talk about her and about her dreams, her ambition, her goals and her visions. Talk about life, entertainment and funny moments.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

8 Things Handsome Guys Suffer Everyday Just For Been Handsome!!

Although, having a handsome face has it's own perks and everybody thinks it's all rosy and beautiful for you, however it comes with it's own headaches. 

Below are list of things fine guys go through everyday just for been handsome.

1. First of all, the life of a fine boy is a sad and lonely one:-

It's harder for you to find love than the average regular looking guy.

(some girls... they just tell you straight to your face that dating a fine boy is stress to them... Like I don't understand .... just for show off - "my boo is cute" finish but can't date him).

Fine boys are friendzoned more than any other human being on the face of the earth

2. Women generally don't take you seriously:-

No matter how romantic you try to be or how sincere your feelings towards them are. They assume you want to play with them or trying to toy with their feelings.

You'll be sitting there single, sad and lonely with your "fineboyness" looking at all those ugly guys happily in relationships.

3. To women of the world, You're a play boy:-

Don't even try to fight it. All fine boys are players. You tell a girl you love her and she goes like:

"Awww how many girls have you told that today?"

Relationships are not for you. You're better as a chop and clean mouth side booty nigga.

4. When you finally manage to find a girlfriend that takes you serious, she doesn't ever seem to trust you:-

She stalks you on facebook and instagram all day. The moment you drop your phone, she's scrolling through your call log

your WhatsApp and checking your DMs. She's constantly looking for incriminating evidence to indict you with; and even when she doesn't find one,she still says you are a player to her you are king of destroying evidence

5. You always have girlfriends you have never met or don't remember asking out:-

Sometimes,you don't even know these women .but nobody believes you have nothing with them because you are a fine boy, you are a terrible liar.

6.People never believe you when you tell them you are broke:-

They will be like,, "why you go say you no get money na? As you fine like this".... As if recession is afraid of fine face......I'm not saying I'm fine o....I'm talking about someone experience

7. People tend to think you are lazy:-

People generally have this perception that handsome guys are lazy and not as hardworking as the "not too handsome guys". 

8. You are thought to be proud:-

Even those who have not met you, would assume you are proud and full of yourself. Unlike the average guy, a handsome guy is often time accused to  be as proud as a peacock. They are always quick to say; "I think that guy is proud, see the way he is carrying himself". Which has been proven severally to be a false notion.

If you talk, they will accuse you of talking too much. If you are quite, they will call you a snub.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Fresh Newbrid:- The Story Of A Talented NSUK Graduate Who Is Setting Social Media On Fire!!

Creative people all over the world use art as a form of expression.

They represent their imaginations, lyrics and words in ways that are sometimes pleasing, captivating and appealing to a lay man.

Love it or hate it, social media has become the platform where people show off to the world what they are up to personally and career-wise.

Some talented individuals have made a name for themselves with their skill through social media.

On the other hand,  Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) is no doubt a varsity that can boast of talented individuals and social media has in great measures helped to publicise their skill. Gone are the days when talented individuals were not adequately recognised. These days social media gives them the desired publicity they need.

Anyone following the trends in the music industry in Nigeria and especially the social media sphere in Nasarawa State can readily give an answer to the question of a guy called Fresh Newbrid who is setting social media on fire with his rap skits.

But who is Fresh Newbrid? He is a young rapper who has taken the music industry by storm.

His full names are Samson Israel Ayomide. One very fascinating thing about him is his unique sound and genre of rap music, which is quite the opposite of the conventional raps.

Recently, Divinelove Udorji spoke to this multi talented young graduate of Theater Arts Department in Nasarawa State University where he made some revelations.

For Fresh Newbrid, who hails from Ondo State,  the journey to music started in 2014 with his group "The Newbrid". Since then, he has not looked back, as he continues to grow his music career. As a matter of fact his love for music drove him to study Theater Arts.

Though still a significant member of his music group, revealed that his solo songs are geared towards representing his group's good music. He has been able to create a unique following and fan base for his kind of rap.

He blazes the trail in the music industry by dropping sensational music tracks being accompanied by short videos.

He further revealed that he draws his musical inspirations from situations around his society.
He contested and won the Fidelity Bank Challenge in 2018. Going home and carting away with half a million naira.

Fresh Newbrid is growing by the day and he is surely going places.
Follow @:-

Instagram :- @Fresh_newbrid

Facebook :- Freshthacoolkid Newbrid Ayomide

Written by:- Divinelove Udorji 

Nasarawa Music Star, Ozee Weds Girlfriend!!

Nasarawa State music star,  Godwin Ozotu popularly known as Ozee has tied the knot with his long time girlfriend in a court wedding today.

The music star made this known in a series of post on facebook....

Checkout more  adorable photos below :-