Sunday, 5 April 2020

8 Things Handsome Guys Suffer Everyday Just For Been Handsome!!

Although, having a handsome face has it's own perks and everybody thinks it's all rosy and beautiful for you, however it comes with it's own headaches. 

Below are list of things fine guys go through everyday just for been handsome.

1. First of all, the life of a fine boy is a sad and lonely one:-

It's harder for you to find love than the average regular looking guy.

(some girls... they just tell you straight to your face that dating a fine boy is stress to them... Like I don't understand .... just for show off - "my boo is cute" finish but can't date him).

Fine boys are friendzoned more than any other human being on the face of the earth

2. Women generally don't take you seriously:-

No matter how romantic you try to be or how sincere your feelings towards them are. They assume you want to play with them or trying to toy with their feelings.

You'll be sitting there single, sad and lonely with your "fineboyness" looking at all those ugly guys happily in relationships.

3. To women of the world, You're a play boy:-

Don't even try to fight it. All fine boys are players. You tell a girl you love her and she goes like:

"Awww how many girls have you told that today?"

Relationships are not for you. You're better as a chop and clean mouth side booty nigga.

4. When you finally manage to find a girlfriend that takes you serious, she doesn't ever seem to trust you:-

She stalks you on facebook and instagram all day. The moment you drop your phone, she's scrolling through your call log

your WhatsApp and checking your DMs. She's constantly looking for incriminating evidence to indict you with; and even when she doesn't find one,she still says you are a player to her you are king of destroying evidence

5. You always have girlfriends you have never met or don't remember asking out:-

Sometimes,you don't even know these women .but nobody believes you have nothing with them because you are a fine boy, you are a terrible liar.

6.People never believe you when you tell them you are broke:-

They will be like,, "why you go say you no get money na? As you fine like this".... As if recession is afraid of fine face......I'm not saying I'm fine o....I'm talking about someone experience

7. People tend to think you are lazy:-

People generally have this perception that handsome guys are lazy and not as hardworking as the "not too handsome guys". 

8. You are thought to be proud:-

Even those who have not met you, would assume you are proud and full of yourself. Unlike the average guy, a handsome guy is often time accused to  be as proud as a peacock. They are always quick to say; "I think that guy is proud, see the way he is carrying himself". Which has been proven severally to be a false notion.

If you talk, they will accuse you of talking too much. If you are quite, they will call you a snub.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Fresh Newbrid:- The Story Of A Talented NSUK Graduate Who Is Setting Social Media On Fire!!

Creative people all over the world use art as a form of expression.

They represent their imaginations, lyrics and words in ways that are sometimes pleasing, captivating and appealing to a lay man.

Love it or hate it, social media has become the platform where people show off to the world what they are up to personally and career-wise.

Some talented individuals have made a name for themselves with their skill through social media.

On the other hand,  Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) is no doubt a varsity that can boast of talented individuals and social media has in great measures helped to publicise their skill. Gone are the days when talented individuals were not adequately recognised. These days social media gives them the desired publicity they need.

Anyone following the trends in the music industry in Nigeria and especially the social media sphere in Nasarawa State can readily give an answer to the question of a guy called Fresh Newbrid who is setting social media on fire with his rap skits.

But who is Fresh Newbrid? He is a young rapper who has taken the music industry by storm.

His full names are Samson Israel Ayomide. One very fascinating thing about him is his unique sound and genre of rap music, which is quite the opposite of the conventional raps.

Recently, Divinelove Udorji spoke to this multi talented young graduate of Theater Arts Department in Nasarawa State University where he made some revelations.

For Fresh Newbrid, who hails from Ondo State,  the journey to music started in 2014 with his group "The Newbrid". Since then, he has not looked back, as he continues to grow his music career. As a matter of fact his love for music drove him to study Theater Arts.

Though still a significant member of his music group, revealed that his solo songs are geared towards representing his group's good music. He has been able to create a unique following and fan base for his kind of rap.

He blazes the trail in the music industry by dropping sensational music tracks being accompanied by short videos.

He further revealed that he draws his musical inspirations from situations around his society.
He contested and won the Fidelity Bank Challenge in 2018. Going home and carting away with half a million naira.

Fresh Newbrid is growing by the day and he is surely going places.
Follow @:-

Instagram :- @Fresh_newbrid

Facebook :- Freshthacoolkid Newbrid Ayomide

Written by:- Divinelove Udorji 

Nasarawa Music Star, Ozee Weds Girlfriend!!

Nasarawa State music star,  Godwin Ozotu popularly known as Ozee has tied the knot with his long time girlfriend in a court wedding today.

The music star made this known in a series of post on facebook....

Checkout more  adorable photos below :-

Monday, 19 November 2018

Buhari Repeating Obasanjo, Jonathan's Mistakes - Ezekwesili

The presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has expressed dissatisfaction with the challenges confronting Nigeria, saying that the same mistakes of previous administrations were being repeated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking in Abuja on Monday, one day after flagging off her campaign, Ezekwesili said Nigeria needed a leader like her to make the country realise its potential.

She warned Nigerians not to resign to low standards by voting opposition parties, especially the Peoples Democratic Party or the All Progressives Congress.

Ezekwesili said, “Sometimes it is hard to believe Nigeria’s greatness in the midst of our daily struggles, and as we watch our country repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It is hard to remember the contributions our country has made for freedom and peace across the African continent.

“I cannot stand it when we choose to accept mediocrity or resign ourselves to lowly standards. Nigeria can do much better.

“I care about Nigeria and Nigerians enough to know that the back-to-back failed leadership has held us back for far too long, and if we do not take a stand and take our country back, they would still be here in years to come, holding back our children and their children. God forbid!”

She assured Nigerians that she would fulfill her electoral promises, adding that a situation where elected candidates fail to fulfill promises was bad for Nigeria’s growth.

“The APC campaigned in 2015 on a manifesto that propagated the doctrine of restructuring. President Buhari went along with it every step of the way because it is all about getting into power for him. He won and then began to renege on his promises, including on restructuring. He suddenly remembered all the reasons why ‘structure is not the problem’ with Nigeria.

“I want to reignite belief in Nigeria’s greatness by leading a government that would make clear promises to citizens and deliver on them, not like the current leadership which spent its first year in office denying all the promises it made to get into that office,” she added.

She accused Buhari of placing a lesser value on the lives of Nigerians, warning that Nigerians needed to vote for a candidate who would take their well-being as a priority.

The former Vice-President of the World Bank explained that Nigeria’s current federal structure was not working and recommended a review.

She said, “Entire communities and even local government areas in this country have been driven into hunger and poverty, as their sources of livelihoods are completely wiped out due to insecurity. The value of a Nigerian life has been devalued and cheapened.

“The structure of a federation is its skeleton. A functional structure gives shape, support, and aids the movement of the federation. No wonder Nigeria is handicapped under this dysfunctional structure.”

“There was a time when the APC agreed on the need to restructure the federation and devolve more powers to the regions and states.”

5-Year-old Boy Did 4105 Press-ups In Russia, Gifted N13M Benz

The name of the little yet resilient 5-year-old boy who did the 4105 non-stop press-ups in 2 hours 25 minutes is Rakhim Kurayev.

Rakhim Kurayev dedicated his feat to Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s republic of Chechnya.

He was gifted the N13 million (£28,000) Mercedes Benz by Ramzan Kadyrov, a close lieutenant of Vladmir Putin. He handed over the keys to the luxury car to the young lad as a reward for his 2 hours 25 minutes press-up achievement.

A lot of able bodied men you see out there can’t do this so the boy deserves some accolades. He shouldn’t just beat up his mates at school.

The 5-year-old boy is still in Kindergarten. He’s set to repeat the exercise in a world record attempt.

10 Questions Men Hate To Hear From Ladies

1. What Happened Between You And Your Ex:
Men don't like to open up about their past relationships. Men like to believe that they are the ones who call the shots in a relationship, including when it starts and ends. Unfortunately for them, it is often women who do the dumping, leaving bad scars on a man's ego. If it was as easy as saying "I got dumped", they really would not mind answering the question. But women tend to want to hear more of the details: when? How did it happen? Did it hurt? And the inevitable question they hate most; why??

2. Do I Look Fat?
Every man hates this question because they are afraid to say their mind. Women would know they like an honest opinion, yet they would insist on asking their boyfriend. 

Every man would like a girl with the body of a supermodel. He will not love you less if you pick up a few kilos, but he will definitely pay more attention to you if lose a few instead. Just do not expect him to say so!!

3. Do You Like Being With Your Friends More Than Being With Me?
Guys really hate to choose. Men have a saying which women would do well to heed: "Women are for love, but friends are forever". It is very rare that women can make and keep friends the way men can, with such ease, such confidence and such security, a man does not need to see his friends to know that they still love and care for him. But when you ask a question like this, you are forcing him to choose between them or you. This may be easy for women to do, but for men, its IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

4. Where Are We Going In This Relationship:
This is another question that men hate, because they don't have a right answer to the question. A relationship can only end in two ways: happily ever after or as a break-up. But to a young promising guy with the world at his feet and his future in his hand, neither prospect is particularly exciting. If he says that he thinks the two of you might end up getting married, you are going to take that as a promise, Signed!! Sealed!! And Delivered!!!.

5. (In Bed): Where Did You Learn To Do That?
Lolz!! Where do you think he learnt it? From the internet? Yes, he probably got significant experience in the bedroom department before he met you, and yes, someone must have taught him that naughty Trick which gave him off like a rocket. How much experience? And with who? Ahh.. Questions you will never get straight answers to.

6. Where Is Your Wallet?
Why he hates this question is because there might be something incriminating in it. Receipts for flowers, parking summons, business cards.. Especially those with female names on them, phone numbers, bet9ja ticket or even condoms. Like a woman's handbag, a man's wallet can contain all sorts of stuffs that cab be considered strictly for his eyes ONLY!!!

7. Can We Buy A....? 
Men hate shopping, just as a woman would find it hell to hang around a car mechanic's workshop all morning, so also your man cannot bear being dragged from one shop to the other. He hates queues... He cannot bear dressing room in stores. He does not understand what can be so difficult about deciding which of eight handbags to buy (especially when they are all black).

8. (In Bed): What Are You Thinking About?
His thoughts after sex are usually far far away. Once its over, it is over, you get what I mean? Women like to chat a little after sex, talk about relationship, how the two of you are doing? But for men, it is over. Next slide, please. Their thoughts are far away; the football match tonight, what is in the fridge whether they should trade in their car.. Stuffs like that. They have moved on..

9. Do You Love Me?
Why he hates the question is because the answer might be no! For a man this is classic Catch-22 situation. To say "yes" would make you assume he is ready to buy you an engagement ring. To say "no" would be utter disaster.. Please ladies, try to refrain from squeezing a declaration of love out of any man, no matter how desperate you are.

10. Are You Attracted To Other Women?
This makes him feel guilty. It is easy for women to be honest on the subject of being attracted to other men, because men just suffer the pain in silence. They do not say anything about it and in a couple of days, they forget everything you said. Unfortunately women can go into fits of rage if their boyfriends confess that they are sometimes attracted to other women. Yes! He does attracted to other women, just as you are attracted to other men...

Pretty Lady Who Fed 5,000 Orphaned Kids, Set To Wed

Remember the pretty lady who fed 5000 orphaned and almajiri kids in December last year ?

This blog was the first to bring you the gist and here we are bringing you another gist of this lady with a heart of gold.

As she is set to wed her heart-rob. The wedding has been scheduled to take place this month .

Checkout her pre-wedding photos below..