Saturday, 25 November 2017

The iFeed5000people Campaign

Statistics has proven that over one million in Nigerian's find it difficult to afford a decent meal daily, iFeed5000people is an initiative aimed at feeding and putting smiles on the faces of 5000 (Five Thousand) people before 31st of December, 2017 cutting across every state an region in Nigeria.

The iFeed5000people was birthed by Princess Maya, a graduate of Mass Communication, Nasarawa state university. The initiative was born out of the desperate need and sheer purpose of touching the lives of those who cannot afford a meal daily.

Princess Maya's iFeed5000people, is conceptualised to be in tandem with the ideal to achieve zero hunger across the land and more importantly in the developing nations of the world, of which Nigeria is no exception.

The iFeed5000people initiative is calling on every Nigerian to key in and fed at least one needy person before the end of December, 2017.


* iFeed5000people is not after financial gains for personal purpose, every donation made is immediate channelled to the Internally Displaced Camp in Abuja Nigeria

* We do not accept monetary donations only gift items.

* It is a non-racial, non-religious volunteer group, therefore it is open to both christians, muslims and traditionalists alike.

* It is open to every Nigerian.


*Feed at least a person, take a photograph and tag us, using any of our social media handle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For further enquiries, you can reach iFeed5000people through this contact:+2348132174229 or via Social Media:-

Facebook: @iFeed5000people,

Twitter: @iFeed5000,

Instagram: @iFeed5000people

The greatest good that will be done to displaced persons, is by contributing your quota to their betterment. Lets promote a better life today by offering your quota........

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