Monday, 19 November 2018

18 Hilarious Photos Every Nasarawa State University Student (NSUK) Can Relate With

1. When NSUK students hear ASUU say they want to go on strike again:

Ah!! this people no dey tire???

2. NSUK girls and going to Abuja every weekend to see their ''uncles''

Haba!! na only uncles you get? you no get aunties?

3. When you meet someone and they tell you their department is mathematics

I pity you!

4. When you get to school gate and see the long queue waiting for keke napep.

oh God!!! why naa?

5. How the library looks during exam time

Ah! These many students even know where the library is.

6. When one small celebrity comes around and you see people throwing their home training in the dustbin.

Is it Adam Swag that is doing you people like this?

7. When you trekked all the way from High Court to Iya Basira Eatry in Angwan Lambu and food has finished:

Why do bad things always happen to good people?

8. You, waiting for your NSUK boyfriend to take you out on a date:

are all men this naturally stingy?

9. You, after eating at Mama Oduwe's Restaurant:

Food of life!!

10. NSUK boys, waiting to rock one girl at a party:

guy do make i rock na!!

11. How NSUK security men see themselves:

They can use you to shine.

12. How NIFES and F.C.S looks during exam prayers:

See all of them. Na by this one?

13. NSUK boyfriend, anytime his girlfriend asks for feeding money:

It’s like you want us to breakup today.

 14. When your friend warned you not to wear a particular outfit to school, yet you refused to listen and school security sends you back home:

 Ntoorh!! shea i warned you?

15. How you use the toilets in your hostel:

I Can’t go and carry disease that doesn’t belong to me

16. When you finally see exam time table and you realized you have not even bought any handout:

Na expo i go do at last

17. When the invigilator says two minutes more:

18. When you have not finished your assignment and the class rep is leaving to submit.


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