Monday, 19 November 2018

10 Questions Men Hate To Hear From Ladies

1. What Happened Between You And Your Ex:
Men don't like to open up about their past relationships. Men like to believe that they are the ones who call the shots in a relationship, including when it starts and ends. Unfortunately for them, it is often women who do the dumping, leaving bad scars on a man's ego. If it was as easy as saying "I got dumped", they really would not mind answering the question. But women tend to want to hear more of the details: when? How did it happen? Did it hurt? And the inevitable question they hate most; why??

2. Do I Look Fat?
Every man hates this question because they are afraid to say their mind. Women would know they like an honest opinion, yet they would insist on asking their boyfriend. 

Every man would like a girl with the body of a supermodel. He will not love you less if you pick up a few kilos, but he will definitely pay more attention to you if lose a few instead. Just do not expect him to say so!!

3. Do You Like Being With Your Friends More Than Being With Me?
Guys really hate to choose. Men have a saying which women would do well to heed: "Women are for love, but friends are forever". It is very rare that women can make and keep friends the way men can, with such ease, such confidence and such security, a man does not need to see his friends to know that they still love and care for him. But when you ask a question like this, you are forcing him to choose between them or you. This may be easy for women to do, but for men, its IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

4. Where Are We Going In This Relationship:
This is another question that men hate, because they don't have a right answer to the question. A relationship can only end in two ways: happily ever after or as a break-up. But to a young promising guy with the world at his feet and his future in his hand, neither prospect is particularly exciting. If he says that he thinks the two of you might end up getting married, you are going to take that as a promise, Signed!! Sealed!! And Delivered!!!.

5. (In Bed): Where Did You Learn To Do That?
Lolz!! Where do you think he learnt it? From the internet? Yes, he probably got significant experience in the bedroom department before he met you, and yes, someone must have taught him that naughty Trick which gave him off like a rocket. How much experience? And with who? Ahh.. Questions you will never get straight answers to.

6. Where Is Your Wallet?
Why he hates this question is because there might be something incriminating in it. Receipts for flowers, parking summons, business cards.. Especially those with female names on them, phone numbers, bet9ja ticket or even condoms. Like a woman's handbag, a man's wallet can contain all sorts of stuffs that cab be considered strictly for his eyes ONLY!!!

7. Can We Buy A....? 
Men hate shopping, just as a woman would find it hell to hang around a car mechanic's workshop all morning, so also your man cannot bear being dragged from one shop to the other. He hates queues... He cannot bear dressing room in stores. He does not understand what can be so difficult about deciding which of eight handbags to buy (especially when they are all black).

8. (In Bed): What Are You Thinking About?
His thoughts after sex are usually far far away. Once its over, it is over, you get what I mean? Women like to chat a little after sex, talk about relationship, how the two of you are doing? But for men, it is over. Next slide, please. Their thoughts are far away; the football match tonight, what is in the fridge whether they should trade in their car.. Stuffs like that. They have moved on..

9. Do You Love Me?
Why he hates the question is because the answer might be no! For a man this is classic Catch-22 situation. To say "yes" would make you assume he is ready to buy you an engagement ring. To say "no" would be utter disaster.. Please ladies, try to refrain from squeezing a declaration of love out of any man, no matter how desperate you are.

10. Are You Attracted To Other Women?
This makes him feel guilty. It is easy for women to be honest on the subject of being attracted to other men, because men just suffer the pain in silence. They do not say anything about it and in a couple of days, they forget everything you said. Unfortunately women can go into fits of rage if their boyfriends confess that they are sometimes attracted to other women. Yes! He does attracted to other women, just as you are attracted to other men...

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