Monday, 27 April 2020

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Fighting the Biafran Battle The Wrong Way!!!

I have always been a spectator of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra's (IPOB) struggle for  the independence of Biafra, and like every human being would, I also want liberation and independence for my people. But recently I was inundated by comments of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Apostle Johnson Suleman, Pastor E.A Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo calling his followers to desist from attending these churches. This recent outburst and a host of others prompted me into pouring out this sincere outcry.

I have keenly followed the Biafran struggle led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB and I must confess that even as an Igbo man there seems to be a lot going wrong in his struggle for Biafra's freedom and they seem to be fighting a just cause in a wrong way.

The struggle for independence is a tenacious struggle that requires great determination, collective resolve, zeal, creativity and all hands been on deck. Never in the history of the world has any man single handedly fought and won the independence of any nation. It is a collective struggle with different persons and strategists leading the struggle on different fronts.

Sadly, the Nnamdi Kanu's struggle is making so many errors which are further hindering and depilating the possibility of winning the struggle for independence and further weakening the zeal and agility of well meaning Biafrans who would have lent their voice and skill in the struggle for Biafran independence. 

Here are some of the several avoidable mistakes Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are making in the struggle for Biafra;

1. Excessive Hate-filled Messages:- Haven listen to several of his speeches on Biafra Radio and his posts on social media, I must confess that they are usually filled with hate, anger, bigotry and racial remarks. No people get independence by bullying, castigating or insulting others. The struggle for independence is not won from within alone but with external influences too, and compatriots from other side of the divide are highly crucial in winning the struggle for independence. Going about social and broadcast media calling other tribes unprintable names would stall the fight for independence rather than give you victory.

Nelson Mandela of South Africa,  Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana or Patrice Lumumba of Democratic Republic of Congo didn't liberate their countries by insulting their fellow country men. They brought all hands on deck, worked collectively for the greater goal. 

You wouldn't get Biafra by insulting the Yoruba man and calling him a coward or by insulting the Hausa man. If they are or were not your friends they are still our friends and we are not in a war zone. Besides, is that how we would survive in Biafra if it eventually becomes a country?? On shattered relations? If Biafra must work then the hate-filled messages must stop. The calling of names must stop. At this point, the enemy of your enemy ought to be friend.

2. No Blueprint On How To Actualise and Sustain The Biafran Struggle:- Sadly till date, the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not outlined or published a document showing clearly his vision and roadmap on how Biafra will operate economically, socially, politically, and otherwise. Instead of building strategic relationships as a leader, he is destroying the existing ones. Educated elites wants to know the blueprints, what the parameters for achieving Biafra are and how Biafra intends to survive both pre and post independence. 

The Biafran struggle of this century is different from the struggle of the Ojukwu's era. A lot has changed in the world and people have actually changed too. Without blueprints, discerning minds would obviously see it as a means to swindle people and live a luxurious life at their expense or a sucide mission.

3. Promote the Ideology And not the person:- Ever wondered why a terrorist group or a religious sect is difficult to eradicate? Its because in terrorism or religion the ideology is promoted, propagated, inculcated, taught and instilled not the person or the leader of the group. That's why even after the leader dies, another quickly takes his place.

However, in IPOB's fight for independence they seem to be more concerned and focused on promoting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu more than promoting the Biafran ideologies and creed. Forgetting that a person can't live for too long but the ideologies would leave for years to come. Promoting the ideology would make the ideology impossible to kill.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should focus more on making the ideology popular and not himself. The ideology should be seen as been more paramout than himself. A lot of freedom fighters were in prison or dead, yet their ideologies were effortlessly working and making impacts.

4. Trying To Foist Judaism on IPOB's (Biafrans):- Like I stated earlier in my post, hate speeches are not palatable for a struggle such as this one. Calling out Men of God like Apostle Sulieman, Adeboye and Oyedepo is indeed the height of recklessness as these Men of God have not in any way hindered your struggle. Besides Nigeria been a very religious country, the influence of these men on your struggle could be instrumental to you actualizing it. Castigating them is an obvious sign of religious intolerance and seem like you trying to foist your religion (Judaism) on your followers cos we have never heard you castigate Judaism the way you do to other religions.

The struggle for independence shouldn't be used as an avenue to foist your religious belief on your followers or to castigate other religions. 

You can't win both religion war and independence simultaneously, even Kim Jung-Un can't pull that off in North Korea. Therefore, make your religion your personal affair and leave them to theirs (even if they were idol worshipers). It is a struggle for Independence and not for "repentance".

5. IPOB Should Be Building Bridges and Not Burning Them:- This is very simple to discern. At this stage of the struggle Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ought to be building bridges, mending fences, creating relations, image-making and not burning down bridges. Build the bridge of ethnic tolerance and religious tolerance.

6. Deceits:- Stop the deceits about Western Countries been behind IPOB and it's struggle. Ridiculous as this might sound, IPOB and it's sister organization MASSOB do not enjoy the support from the western world. Only blind followers would think otherwise. All those rumbles of having the supports of America's President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Neyantulah of Israel are fallacies. Even a blind man knows that western countries throw their support only where it is beneficial to them.

Tell the western world how genuine your struggle is, give them reasons, let them see it's genuineness and sincerity then watch them openly support you. 

7. Both MASSOB and IPOB Should Unite:- Finally, Its of utmost importance that Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and IPOB unites if there's going to be an effortless struggle for the independence of Biafra. With the sister movements been at loggerheads the struggle would be an exercise in futility. If they sincerely have the Biafra's struggle at heart then it's necessary that they put their differences aside, work together and actualise  Baifra.

Written By:- Divinelove Udorji

Instagram: @divinelovethe1st

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